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Bicycle racing is an exciting sport that has enjoyed tremendous growth in the United States. By sponsoring our team, your potential audience will include not only bicycle riders, but also cycling fans. A secondary target audience is made up of business associates, family members and friends. Your sponsorship gives you a distinct opportunity to reach this broad and growing market. More significantly, a sponsorship helps foster a positive public image for your company by affiliating your company with a young, fit and ambitious group of elite athletes.

We invite you to learn how our team can help your business meet its business goals. We will work with you to address your unique marketing needs, help your company achieve higher brand awareness, and gain positive public exposure.

Tower Racing Sponsorship Benefits:

The benefits of sponsoring Tower Racing for your company include:

  • Increased visibility
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved corporate goodwill
  • Strong association with wellness and healthy life style


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