Ride Leaders

We established a Ride Leader program to implement our Ride Instructions and Safety and Etiquette Guidelines.

Role of the Ride Leader

The primary role of the Ride Leader is to ensure that riders understand and follow the Ride Instructions and make appropriate pre-ride decisions.  They must fully understand the Instructions and be willing to follow and enforce them.

Below are their responsibilities in greater detail.

  • Conduct a Pre-Ride Briefing
  • Review that day’s ride instructions (average rolling pace, route, drop policy, pre-assigned re-grouping points, and any special instructions).
  • Conduct a short Safety Briefing (new road or traffic hazards, observations from previous rides, helpful hints, review of the safety and etiquette rules, etc.).
  • Identify new riders and assign them a mentor if appropriate.
  • Split the group into Race and Steady pace groups if appropriate.
  • Make sure assistance is given to riders involved in an accident.
  • Manage the average rolling pace.
  • Manage stops on No Drop rides.
  • Counsel riders who are not following the safety and etiquette policies.
  • Provide feedback to the ride steward as needed.

Managing the Ride

Ride Leaders are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start time.  If there are several Ride Leaders, they should get together and make any pre-ride decisions as described in the Ride Instructions (route, training instructions, whether to split the group, etc.).  Next, they should decide who would give the pre-ride briefing (they can also split it).

At the designated start time the Ride Leader(s) will…

  1. Identify themselves
  2. Give the Pre-Ride Briefing,
  3. Identify new riders (assign a mentor if appropriate)
  4. Then get going!

This should take no more than a minute.

Becoming a Ride Leader

Any experienced rider who is a member of Tower Racing can be a Ride Leader.  They need to fully understand the Safety and Etiquette Guidelines and Ride Instructions, and most importantly, be willing to follow and enforce them.

The process to become a Ride Leader is simple; contact Tony Kassel (anthony kass@yahoo.com) and let him know that you would like to be considered.  He will review your qualifications with the Board of Directors and will notify you whether you are selected.

Please note: Ride Leaders may be asked to resign their role if they do not follow the spirit of the program.

Ride Leaders