10 Absolutes


“The Ten Absolutes of Safety”

  1. By law, bicycles must follow all motor vehicle laws and regulations.  Do not run stoplights or stop signs. When the entire group does not make it through a traffic signal, the lead group will pull off at a safe point and wait for the trailing riders to catch up.
  2. Be predictable – ride in a straight line at the group’s speed, make moves within the peloton smooth and calculated, and remain aware of riders around you.
  3. Don’t overlap the wheel in front.
  4. Never pass on the right in a pace line.
  5. When stopping at a traffic signal, stop behind the last car in line.  Do not creep forward to the front of the line or go around cars stopped at the light.
  6. Use hand signals to identify hazards. Support hand signals with verbal communication, and don’t underestimate the value of calling “slowing” or “stopping.”
  7. Ride single file or two abreast. Never more!
  8. Ride “handlebar to handlebar” when riding two abreast.
  9. Maintain a small gap, (one to two feet) between you and the rider in front.
  10. No helmet …No ride. No exceptions!