Ride Instructions


Group rides are an integral part of Tower Racing and provide a great opportunity to meet other cyclists, improve fitness, develop cycling skills and most importantly, have a good time.  They are also a reflection on our Club and define how other cyclists and the community views us.

So please read the ride instructions and follow our safety & etiquette guidelines and above all else. …Ride Safely!


Cycling is an inherently dangerous sport with the possibility of serious physical and/or mental trauma or injury, or death.  All
riders must fully realize the dangers of participating and must fully assume the risks associated with such participation.

We sponsor two types of rides: Official Group Rides and Ad-Hoc Rides.

Official Group Rides are regularly scheduled and have a designated starting time, distance, route, pace and drop policy.  Based on the objectives or goals, Official Group Rides are classified as:

  • Group Rides
  • Training Rides
  • Special Event Rides

A board member is assigned as a “Steward” for each ride and will periodically change the Ride Instructions to accommodate the needs of the club.  If you have a suggestion or comment, please contact the appropriate board member (email addresses are listed in the Ride Instructions).

Ad-Hoc Rides are arranged several days in advance by any club member. They provide additional riding opportunities, but are not intended to displace or compete with the Official Group Rides.

Below are guidelines for organizing an Ad-Hoc Ride.

  • Initiate the ride by emailing an invitation to the entire mailing list, or individual members, at least 24 hours in advance of the ride.
  • Include the start time & location, estimated length, rolling pace, dropped rider policy and any special instructions.
  • If the initiator cancels the ride they should send an email announcement as soon as possible.  Ad-Hoc Rides are often cancelled during extremely inclement weather.
  • If you decide to ride, please send the initiator an email acknowledging your intention (regrets are not encouraged).

The initiator of an Ad-Hoc Ride is expected to show up and will assume responsibility as the Ride Leader.

The Speed of our rides is defined by the average rolling pace in the Ride Instructions. The average rolling pace is the target speed that the group will maintain on a flat road with no wind; the actual pace will vary based on the wind and grade.  Please note that it is not the “average speed “ (which is measured over the entire length of the ride).

Race Pace.  Average rolling pace is 22-26 mph. Be prepared for sustained periods over 24 mph and accelerations exceeding 30 mph.

Steady PaceAverage rolling pace is 18-21 mph. The Ride Leader will ensure that the group stays within the range, but expect numerous accelerations at higher speeds.

Ride Leaders lead our group rides.  Below are some of their duties.

  • Provide the pre-ride safety briefing and review the Ride Instructions.
  • Select the route if not defined in the Ride Instructions.
  • Split the group into the Race Pace and Steady Pace groups when appropriate.
  • Identify new riders and assign them a “mentor.”
  • Ensures the group does not exceed the average rolling pace described in the Ride Instructions.
  • Manage stops on No Drop rides.
  • Counsel riders who are not riding safely.