Dropped Rider and Regroup Policy

We have two drop policies. The Ride Instructions for the Official Group Rides or the invitation for Ad-Hoc Rides states which policy is in effect.

Important: the Group will always stop when there is an accident or medical emergency, and will not continue until adequate assistance is provided. (This includes assistance for injuries and mechanical problems caused by the accident).

Drop Rides.  On rides designated “Drop Ride,” the group is not obligated to stop for any reason except when there is an accident or medical emergency.

No Drop Rides.  On rides designated “No Drop,” the group will stop for mechanical problems, flats, nature breaks, food stops and of course, accidents and medical emergencies.  The Group will not slow down to accommodate riders unable to keep up when the group is riding at the designated average rolling pace.  Individual riders may choose to drop back and ride with slower riders, which we encourage when a new or less experienced rider is dropped.


Regrouping Policy.  You can expect 2-6 accelerations on every ride and they will last from several hundred yards to several miles. The speed will increase significantly during the acceleration causing riders to separate.  After the acceleration the riders in front are required to choose an area of low traffic, and then slow down or stop until the group reassembles (waiting no more than 1-3 minutes).  Please note that the purpose of the regroup is to allow riders dropped on the acceleration or sprint to catch up; it is not intended to pick up riders who were dropped prior to the acceleration.

The pace following an acceleration will be slightly below the designated rolling pace for a few minutes to allow riders time to recover.

The Ride Leader will identify pre-planned regroup points prior to the start.